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The J1 is a cryptocurrency that can act as fiat currency, replace costly credit card fees as well as eliminate the need for gift cards. With these enticing features, the J1 will attract mainstream adoption as a competitive payment solution. A key factor of any cryptocurrency is its utility. If you cannot use it for something, such as investments or payments, then it will have no perceived value. In the case of the J1, it is useful as a payment solution thus its utility is high.
In addition to the obvious utility of the J1, it adds the highly sought after liquidity to the world of cryptocurrency. According to Investopedia, “liquidity describes the degree to which an asset or security can be quickly bought or sold in the market without affecting the price of the asset.” Following that definition, most people would conclude there are no liquid cryptocurrencies in the market.
Until now! That’s the very definition of the J1!
Therefore, our token is an important game changer for users, merchants, and for the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. We are the cryptocurrency of the future!

Ecosystems Core Ecosystems


We aim to be an international form of payment which enables users to make purchases and that merchants will recognize and accept. This will allow consumers and merchants to unite online and offline around the world seamlessly.


Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain as our audit method provides transparency, trust and accountability between buyers, merchants and during p2p transactions.

Another way we establish trust is through our registrations in the U.S. and Nigeria. U.S: JONES Industries LLC RC4026434, JILTOKENS Multiconcept Enterprises BN4440995. Nigeria: JILTOKENS Industries Limited RC1666125, JILTOKENS Multiconcept Enterprises BN3072186.


We rely on tokenization which is defined as replacing sensitive data with a set of identification symbols that retain information without compromising security. This allows users to remain virtually anonymous.


Users benefit from our J1 token because it can be utilized in any situation that involves compensation due to its extreme adaptability in all transactions. This is due to its understandable monetary value and the absence of volatility. Merchants can benefit by increasing their sale revenue when accepting the J1 for payment due to our low fixed redemption rates.

MORE JIL Jil Tokens

Blockchain Technology

Our limited edition token, the JILT is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain which employs the smart contract protocol. Ethereum allows developers to program their own smart contracts, or ‘autonomous agents’. The language is ‘Turing-complete’. Turing completeness is a term used to identify a computer or software that is capable of solving any problem that a Turing machine can. In other words, it supports a broader set of computational instructions or code, much broader than Bitcoin. The JILT maintains accountability and transparency by using the Ethereum blockchain as its audit method.

Secure Management

Thanks again to the blockchain and p2p transfers, the J1 is practically safe from fraudulent tactics. By using it, no one can steal your card, pin number, passwords or any other personal information. Moreover, as cryptocurrency becoming stolen or lost is increasing in frequency everyday, the J1 serves as an extra layer of security. It is a smart solution against keeping your hard-earned money away from hackers.

Smart Banking Solution
A cryptocurrency that can act as a credit or debit card while at the same time removing the fees centralized institutions charge, are unique features of the J1 that makes it a competitive payment choice. For example, in a single year, the top three banks made:
  • $1.1 billion in ATM fees
  • $2.3 billion in maintenance fees
  • $5.4 billion in overdraft fees
Banks profit billions of dollars from people who are already struggling with money. The J1 is a smarter way to retain more of your money rather than paying unnecessary banking fees.

Tokens Token Details

Allocation of funds

Will be allocated for the continued development


Will be allocated toward marketing and business development


Will be allocated into the reserve


allocated to the JIL TOKENS team and board members


allocated to customer service development


allocated to legal compliance operations


Our Team Core Team

These are the people who have made our project a reality.

Dina M. Jones
Founder and CEO of Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria
Adigun Omodolapo
Chief Managing Director and Registered Agent of JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria
Muhammad Umair
Web Designer & Front End Developer for Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria
Jamshaid Ali
Back-End Developer for Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria
Deepanshu Bahuguna
Marketing Consultant at Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria
Charles E. Clay
CEO and Founder of Us and We Inc., IT & Cyber-security specialist for Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria
Adebola Yusuff
Legal Counsel and Business Advisor of JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria

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