Learn more about our tokens, the JILT and the J1 and our goal to bring cryptocurrency out of the virtual world into the physical one.


What is the JILTOKENS project mission?

The JILTOKENS project mission is that we want to help our users attain variety of aspirations whether it’s financial profits, providing a service or achieving new heights in their area of creative expertise. We want to be a leader in this industry, not following the crowd but standing out from it. Our project aims to bring a virtual world into the physical one.

The JILT and the J1 are tokens with different use cases, built on different blockchains designed to help us in our mission.

Our first unique use case was the creation of our ride-share service. Our token for this venture is the JILT. Built on the Ethereum network, it is an ERC-20 token. The letters are perfect acronyms for JILTOKENS INDUSTRIES LIMITED TAXI, the name of our company division in Nigeria. Our taxi service will operate with the JILT utilized for discounts and payment purposes. Non-Nigerian individuals can benefit from this service by acquiring and holding (HODL) JILT tokens while their market value increases over time.

Our second token, the J1, has several different use cases currently under development. These uses involve gaming, music and art as well as other unique interests. The J1 was created in May of 2020 on the Stellar blockchain. Stellar handles fast and cost-effective transactions without gas fees. Users can benefit from owning this token and participating in its real world applications (to be announced in 2021), for rewards, or simply holding (HODL) tokens as they increase in value.

A key factor of any crypto is its utility. Most tokens/coins exist only in a virtual world while being utilized in boring, basic ways such as payments for purchases or staking dividends. The end result is these tokens/coins usually achieve only very minimal in real value.

The J1 and the JILT are applied to real world use case solutions, thus making their utility high which in turn raises their value. Both are important game changers in crypto!

Read our white paper for more details.

White paper

Smart solutions are the core of what we do at JILTOKENS

The Roadmap

Here is a quick look of where we have been and where we are headed.

August 2018

Development of the project idea

Since its conception late August of 2018, special attention has been maintained to keep the J1 affordable, accessible and simple.

February 2019

Growth and recognition of project idea

At only 3 months old, the JILT found its way to its first exchange. They moved out of the US. At 6 months, we landed our 2nd exchange listing. The London-based exchange is now defunct. Additionally, JILTOKENS received its first website makeover.

August 2019

The project continues development

As the JILTOKENS project turned one year old in late August, major team discussions on advancement and advertising were being planned.

November/December 2019

Airdrops and Advertising

First successful airdrop and advertising campaign that brought worldwide attention to JILTOKENS across all social media. The JILT was listed on Coingecko and EXNCE its 3rd exchange listing.

February/March 2020

Continued development of our platform and idea.

JILT becomes listed on several exchanges. During redistribution, we listed with TokenLake exchange. JILT is listed on Coingecko and Coindataflow. Our logo established on Trust wallet. We became registered in Nigeria and incorporated as JILTOKENS INDUSTRIES LIMITED.

May 2020

Development of Main Project.

The J1 token was developed on the Stellar blockchain. No major distribution or p2p trading. Small p2p transactions conducted for beta testing. The JILT changes use case becoming the flagship token of our Nigerian ride-share service, JIL Taxi Service.

December 2020

Marketing and distribution of J1 Token.

AMA session conducted regarding the J1. Small amount of the token given for prize distribution. News of the J1 token on Stellar and announcement of the JILT use case for our ride-share service creates large amount of interest and speculation.

January-March 2021

Continued development of our J1 and JILT platforms.

The JILT ride-share service is on hold at this time due to the civil conditions in Nigeria. The J1 is in development for multiple use cases in several areas such as music, art, books, consumables, and gaming.

Core Team

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Dina M. Jones

Founder and CEO of Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria

Adigun Omodolapo

Chief Managing Director and Registered Agent of JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria

Muhammad Umair

Web Designer & Front End Developer for Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria

Jamshaid Ali

Back-End Developer for Jones Industries, LLC U.S. and JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria

Adebola Yusuff

Legal Counsel and Business Advisor of JILTOKENS Industries Limited, Nigeria